Grant Lindsay's Epic Fundraiser for HopScotch!

Published 07 Mar 2024

Wow! - that pretty much sums up our feelings about Grant Lindsay, Company Director of Lindsay Scaffolding Contracts Ltd! Grant is tackling Everest Base Camp this week as a huge fundraising endeavour for HopScotch. And he has already raised an absolutely incredible £12,356.60 (including gift aid) for us. This is already the single largest amount an individual has ever raised for us, an incredible milestone for both us and for Grant. Join us in cheering Grant on as he sets out on this incredible challenge. Grant and his colleagues at Lindsay Scaffolding Contracts have a real heart for supporting and developing young people through apprenticeships, and this played a part in Grant deciding to choose a small local children's charity rather than one of the huge charity fundraisers.

We are so very grateful to be the charity Grant selected. This kind of money is truly transformative for small charities like ours. Want to cheer Grant on? Donate here to keep that fundraising total ascending along with Grant!