About Us

HopScotch Children’s Charity began in 1998 with a vision to provide respite breaks for some of Scotland’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children. It all started with the purchase and conversion of Ardvullin, a former ghillie’s lodge, into a comfortable and well-equipped holiday centre. Today Ardvullin remains at the heart of what HopScotch does, with our programme of respite breaks running for 36 weeks of the year.

Children come from all over Scotland to experience a nurturing and dynamic week of holiday.  It remains true that most of those children will not get a holiday at any other time. They arrive from difficult home circumstances or needing respite from a range of responsibilities as young carers.  We provide them with a week full of wonderful experiences, ensuring they are fully supported to make the most of their holiday. We believe that good childhood memories last a lifetime, and it is our goal to help every child return home with lots of amazing memories to build upon.



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The Children We've Helped
  • Johnny aged 10

    “I loved our HopScotch holiday because everything is really, really nice and all of the activities give me a chance to do something I have never done before, so thank you so so much. I really truly love HopScotch.”

  • Shannon aged 8

    “I liked going on the speed boat because it was great and fun. I liked the dressing up clothes – thank you for letting me stay, it was exciting. Anna is nice.” 

  • Murran aged 10

    “I did lots of exciting thinglike hill climbing, walking in the forest, canoeing and lots more. I loved the big massive swing park out the back garden. My favourite part of the full week was when I made it to the top of the hill and the snow was really really deep. I loved my HopScotch holiday I don’t want to leave.”

  • Kia

    “It was brilliant, the chocolate factory and the horse riding was the best and the stories at night. If HopScotch was a story I would tear out the last page so we can stay here forever.”

  • Megan aged 9

    “I liked the horse-riding because I felt very confident and brave and the horse was very calm.”

  • Cameron

    “It was really fun. I liked all the activities so thank you for this wonderful holiday. I wish it would never end.”

  • Elisha

    "I love HopScotch, it's the best place ever, I will miss it so much. It has a beautiful garden and house and activities that I will never forget. Thanks for the diary and hat. PS I loved the bus!"